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ICTNC is a Texas USA based group of Israeli professionals, providing continuous training and consulting to American Civilians, Executives, LE and Military personnel, living and working in the USA or abroad.

We are not affiliated with any of the other training groups!

mission statement

To train lawful Americans in Israeli forms and techniques of self defense, and self preservation. To provide continuous training and consulting to clients. To provide custom tailored program to client needs, including a roving instructor/s.

israeli krav maga

Israeli Krav Maga was developed in Israel by necessity through continuous conflict with terrorist in the Middle-East. Krav Maga translate to Contact Fighting. Learn the physics and science of the fight, and of the assailants. You train with the weapons that your attackers will use against you.

A writing pen is as deadly as a broken bottle...
When attacked, break your attackers, don't submit them. Then, use their weapon on them...

israeli defensive firearm training

Israeli Defensive Firearms Training is a part of Israeli Krav Maga, it always was, and always will be! IDFT was developed in Israel by necessity through continuous conflict with terrorist from neighboring Arab states. It is used by Israeli Government agencies, Military, Police, and civilians with firearm carry permits. The techniques were honed to stop terrorist or criminals, with the precision of Safety Speed and Target Acquisition.

Its all about the shootlist, then the gun and the caliber...


ICTNC can provide you with travel consultation, home and property security, evasive driving training and additional training or services as needed.

Learn Defense, Not the Art of Self Defense...

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